The Masters School | Культурная среда Энергия
Культурная среда Энергия
Новосибирск ул. Красный проспект, 171/4
Культурная среда "Энергия"
тел. 225-25-28
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Дом Культуры «Энергия», построен в 1953 году архитектором В.Добролюбовым, учредитель – ХК ПАО «НЭВЗ-Союз»

The Masters School

Starting in autumn 2017 the Educational Programme of the Trans-Siberian Art Festival is holding annual master classes with world-renowned musicians and teachers. The master classes will be held in the Main Hall at Energia Concert Hall, known for its historical background and boasting great acoustics.

The master classes will consist of 5 one-to-one professorial tuitions. This format facilitates greater depth of teaching and enables the student to improve their skills and to progress to the next professional level.

A participants’ concert will be held in the Main Hall of Energia Concert Hall as the conclusion of the master classes. Music fans as well as students and music teachers are cordially invited to an audience meeting with the professors.

Master classes will be held in three disciplines:

— Piano — Dmitry Bashkirov

— Violin — Boris Garlitsky

— Vocals — Dmitry Vdovin

Masterclass Regulations

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Email your application to: 

Application deadline is September, 30, 2017

Masterclasses venue: The Enegria Concert Hall

Address: Krasny Prospekt 171/4

Website: ,  

Культурная среда Энергия
Новосибирск ул. Красный проспект, 171/4
тел. (383) 225-25-28
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