Clinto, Event and Festival Responsive Wordpress theme | Культурная среда Энергия
Культурная среда Энергия
Новосибирск ул. Красный проспект, 171/4
Культурная среда "Энергия"
тел. 225-25-28
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Дом Культуры «Энергия», построен в 1953 году архитектором В.Добролюбовым, учредитель – ХК ПАО «НЭВЗ-Союз»

Clinto, Event and Festival Responsive WordPress theme

Spritz is a responsive WordPress theme. It is developed for performance and so javascripts and CSS are reduced to minimal terms. Much attention has been paid to code to be semantic, clean and slim.

We merged together HTML5 Boilerplate recipes, WordPress Blank theme and the Twitter Bootstrap framework. These three ingredients are the state of the art of the modern web development and we wanted to join them together. The result was Spritz.

Main Theme Features

  • Basic Semantic HTML5 Markup
  • Custom Widget for «white box» and «inset box»
  • Portfolio, Contact and Full Size custom page templates
  • Custom Author archive page
  • Twitter Bootstrap Typography
  • Responsive grid layout
  • responsive menu
  • Special post category
  • Portofolio custom post has an embedded ribbon (6 colors) option
  • Clever call-to-action placed below the post (newsletter subscription and twitter follow)
  • Responsive slideshow in homepage
  • Customizable logo and background
  • Optimised Google Analytics in footer (HTML5 Boilerplate)
  • Widget Area Sidebar support
  • Localization language support, all PHP strings setup for language packs
  • Semantic meta information for the published date/time
Культурная среда Энергия
Новосибирск ул. Красный проспект, 171/4
тел. (383) 225-25-28
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